The complex of celebrations

There is no need of words
When there is kiss, even golden.


The complex of celebrations “Golden Kiss” opened its hospitable doors in 2006. On September two of the same year the first wedding party was held in “Golden Kiss”. Since the day of the opening many jolly celebrations such as wedding parties, birthday parties and other events on different occasions, as well as corporative parties have taken place in “Golden Kiss”.
Throughout these years “Golden Kiss” remaining faithful to its principles has always made every celebration a “golden” one with unique high spirit providing warm atmosphere and high quality of service. The complex of celebrations “Golden Kiss” has all the necessary facilities to please the visitors of different tastes and requirement.

There are 4 hall in the complex :
1. The large “Golden Hall” for 300-320 guests is suitable for mass celebrations.
2. The small “Turquoise Hall” with a capacity of 100-120 guests provides a delightful atmosphere for average parties.
3. The “VIP Hall” with 90-100 seats provides a top quality exclusive service for really “ Very Important Persons” making any occasion a significant and unforgettable one. By the way, the “VIP Hall” has a self-contained entrance for VIP visitors.
4. The “Kid`s Hall” with capacity of  40-50 seats also has a private entrance.

Every visitor is welcomed in the complex of celebrations that`s why our halls can be offered to any small groups. No matter how many guests the celebration may have, the hall can be at your disposal if only the hall has been reserved beforehand. And one more important peculiarity: the complex of  celebrations “Golden Kiss” is offered for only jolly, memorable events and family celebrations and there are no hotel suites.


The complex of celebrations “Golden Kiss” guarantees high quality service and as brilliant and luminous cheer as gold.
The gourmet dishes, diverse tasty hors d’oeuvres as well as our traditional succulent khorovats (barbeacue) prepared by our skilled cooks will for certain call you back.

“Golden Kiss” is at your service any time and wishes you good mood and good appetite.
The Complex has also safe and secure parking spaces for up to 100 cars. There are no hotel suites.